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Applying for British Citizenship

Applying for British Citizenship or Settlement

People applying to settle in the UK are required to show that they have sufficient knowledge of the English language and of life in the UK by passing either the ‘Life in the UK test’ or obtaining ‘Knowledge of Life’

Life in the UK Test is for people who have a reasonable standard of English (normally considered to be ESOL Entry 3 or above). You will need to take the test on a computer which consists of 24 questions relating to living in the UK. Details of how to take this test are available on the following website:

Knowledge of Life (ESOL with Citizenship) is for people who have not yet attained ESOL Entry Level 3. You will need to attend and successfully complete an ESOL course where Citizenship materials are used (and pass the required exam to obtain the certificate). You will be required to show progression with your English. You must achieve a qualification of at least one level higher than your ability when joining the course. The course must be delivered by an ‘accredited college’.

How can we help?

If your ESOL skills are lower than Entry 3 we offer classes to help you improve your Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing. These classes will lead to a qualification which will be required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) as part of your application.

These classes also help you understand more about living in the UK. If you achieve the relevant qualifications in these classes the College will provide you with the appropriate letter to submit to the UKBA as part of your application for British Citizenship.

Students will be assessed at the time of their enrolment and they will be given written evidence of their ‘initial assessment’.

All students will be given the opportunity to achieve a qualification at least one level higher than their initial assessment to demonstrate ‘relevant progress’.

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