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Guildford College offers vocational and academic courses. The level of the course you choose will depend on the qualifications, skills and experience you already have. All our courses offer progression routes to university and/or employment. You’ll also benefit from tutorial support, Functional Skills, work experience opportunities, College resources and personal support.

Pre Entry to Entry Level and Level 1

As a general guide, you don’t need any formal entry requirements to start a course at this level, but any skills or experience you have in the subject you choose will be of help and benefit. If school didn’t work out for you or you need some extra support, our Entry Level and Level 1 courses will help you to learn new skills and move ahead. At Pre-Entry and Entry Level you'll have the opportunity to learn basic practical skills, literacy, numeracy and communication. At Level 1 we offer various vocational options, for example Level 1 BTEC Diplomas, Level 1 Awards and Diplomas. You’ll also learn Functional Skills in English, Maths and IT.

Level 2

If you got GCSE grades at D-E or a Level 1 qualification, these are the courses for you. They are the same level as GCSEs and so provide a practical alternative to retakes and a broad-based introduction to a subject to enable you to move on to further study or work. You can choose from a range of vocational options including Apprenticeships, Level 2 BTEC Diplomas (formerly First Diplomas) and NVQs. We also offer academic an option - the Access to Further Education course, which enables you to improve your GCSEs and prepare for the next step. You can combine a Level 2 practical course or the Access to Further Education course with GCSE retakes in English, Maths and Biology.

Level 3

If you get GCSEs at grade C and above, you can do A Levels and follow an academic route or vocational courses. Both options will gain you UCAS points for university or skills for your career. A Levels allow you to follow a broad based programme of study in three or four subject areas. Vocational courses include Level 3 BTEC Diplomas (formerly National Diplomas), NVQs and Advanced Apprenticeships, which focus on a specific area of work.

From September 2010 all BTEC qualifications will move to the new Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). This means some course titles will change but the equivalences remain the same. So First Diplomas become Level 2 BTEC Diplomas, National Diplomas become Level 3 BTEC Extended Diplomas and National Awards become Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diplomas.  


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