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Apprentice soundbites

Business Administration Apprentice

Student: Keeley Webzell

Employer: Catalyst Support Ltd

Apprenticeship: Business Administration Intermediate Level

Soundbite: "My tutor and mentor have been a big factor in helping me to succeed in my Apprenticeship. I would recommend an Apprenticeship as you get to gain experience in the working world whilst getting a qualification.

I'd like to thank my mentor and the College for their help, as it has opened my eyes to the real world and many possibilities in the future." 

 Keeley Webzell

Business Administration Apprentice

Student: Bianca Farr

Employer: Woking Community Transport

ApprenticeshipBusiness Administration Intermediate Level

Soundbite: "I chose to do an apprenticeship because I think its brilliant way of starting a career, and gaining lots of different skills and experience. 

My apprenticeship has been brilliant, I have had amazing support from my Assessor, I could email her any time and she would be really helpful, and helped me understand where I was going wrong or would suggest where to look to help me with the answer. 

I would 100% recommend people to an apprenticeship, it’s a great way of starting a good career and build knowledge, skills, that maybe you wouldn’t learn If you are doing a full time college course and it doesn’t matter what age you are."

 Bianca Farr

Children and Young People's Workforce Apprentice

Student: Sophie Edwards

Employer: Bell House Nursery

Apprenticeship: Children and Young People's Workforce Advanced Level

Soundbite: "This Apprenticeship has enabled me to develop my knowledge of working with children, whilst developing my practical skills.”


Retail Apprentice

Student: Christal Beaney

Employer: Longacres Garden Centre

Apprenticeship: Retail Intermediate Level

Soundbite: "Doing an Apprenticeship with Guildford College is one of the best decisions I have ever made as I get to learn new skills whilst gaining valuable experience in the workplace"


Supporting Teaching and Learning Apprentice

Student: Sam Carrington

Employer: The Rock and Pop Foundation

Apprenticeship: Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Intermediate Level

Soundbite: "I am really enjoying my Apprenticeship and I am particular impressed with by the way the College has adapted to my role as a music teacher visiting schools"



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