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Civil Engineering HNC - part-time - 2019:20
This programme will give you the relevant vocational knowledge and skills to pursue a career in civil engineering, enabling you to apply critical reasoning and analysis to solve engineering problems using the appropriate UK and EU codes of practice and industry standards.
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Construction HNC - part-time - 2019:20
This programme is designed for those who wish to develop their career within the professional, managerial, administrative or technician areas of the construction industry. It is intended to enable you to take further responsibility for design, research work and site operations.
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Counselling BA (Hons) top up - full-time - 2019:20
This programme has been specifically designed for practising counsellors already qualified to diploma or foundation degree level and working in paid employment, private practice or a voluntary setting. It provides a unique opportunity for counsellors to deepen their understanding of counselling theory and practice, to gain more understanding of client issues and how to work with them, undertake a research project and gain a degree at the same time.
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Counselling Foundation Degree FdSc - full-time - 2019:20
This programme focuses on the therapeutic relationship as the main catalyst to healing, wellbeing, growth and development with an emphasis on the use of the counsellor’s self and of the client-counsellor relationship in the therapeutic work. A key theme is the development of trainee’s self-awareness and impact of self on others, and bringing that awareness into the ‘here and now’ within the client-counsellor relationship.
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Early Childhood Studies BA (Hons) top up - full-time - 2019:20
This programme builds on knowledge and skills developed at foundation degree level. It is also ideally suited to those who are employed in schools or nurseries or who wish to pursue the registered teacher's scheme or graduate teacher's scheme.
childcare,child care,child welfare,social work,social studies


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