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News & Events > Former Guildford School of Art Students return to give presentation on the 'sit-in' protest of 1968

Former Guildford School of Art Students return to give presentation on the 'sit-in' protest of 1968

Posted on 06 February 2019
Former Guildford School of Art students

Former Art School students John Walmsley, Claire Grey with their tutor Brian Dunce are welcomed back to the College by current Photography tutor Paul Williams

Former students of Guildford School of Art returned to Guildford College recently to give a presentation to our current Photography students in order to mark the fifty year anniversary of the now infamous student ‘sit-in’ of 1968.  Students of what was then Guildford School of Art, staged a protest around the quality of teaching and resources at the School which eventually resulted in students being on the boards of all UK educational establishments today.

Former students of the Art School, John Walmsley and Claire Grey, along with one of their tutors, Brian Dunce, gave a fascinating presentation of how the sit-in was captured on camera by the then 21 year old Photography student John Walmsley, who subsequently went on to have an illustrious career in photography himself. John also advised our current students on how to protect their work online regarding rights issues.

After being given a tour of the College where they visited some of the areas captured on camera during the protest, John, Claire and Brian showed our current students some images of the sit-in, taken by John, and told the story of how the protest turned into the longest ever sit-in at an educational institution in the UK. 

Thanks to John, Brian and Claire for coming back and giving such an insightful talk about an important part of the College’s history.

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