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News & Events > Local school 'travels the globe' with Guildford College's International Department

Local school 'travels the globe' with Guildford College's International Department

Posted on 08 February 2019
Local school 'travels the globe’ with Guildford College’s International Department2019.docx

Students from the International Centre at Guildford College recently visited Holy Trinity Pewley Down School to once again host their Mini International Day. Each year, students from all over the world come to study at Guildford College, and they are invited to hold an event for pupils at the school to educate them about their home countries and cultures.

During the day, each classroom was set up as a different continent, which the children ‘travelled’ to with their miniature passports. As they arrived at each stop, the pupils had their passports stamped with a flag of the country they had visited. Some of the countries they ‘visited’ included China, Japan, Brazil, France, Spain, Cyprus, Thailand and Saudi Arabia.

 As they visited each country, our International learners chatted to the children, who asked them questions about the culture of their country and taught them a new skill. The Japanese learners taught the children origami and how to write their names in Japanese script, the Chinese learners showed them how to use chopsticks and the learners from Saudi Arabia showed the children how to write their name in Arabic script.  

Ian Paine, Curriculum Manager for the International Centre, said “Once again, the children really seemed to love the day and were able to leave with some knowledge of the countries they had ‘visited’. For example, in Korea, they were shown a traditional game for children. In Brazil, they could see how many ‘keepy uppys’ they could do and in the European area, they were given a quiz to see what they knew about different European countries.”

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